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Free to the public

Accepts most approved complaints from customers of Cell Phone Repair shops in the USA.   Such complaints are published on our website as a means of motivating the repair shops to resolve the customer complaints in a way that is reasonable to all parties concerned. File A Complaint now!


Warning Signs: Repair Shops To Avoid

There are many indications of dishonesty that a Cell Phone Repair shop may display on their websites.  If you see too many of these "Red Flags" you should seriously consider visiting another shop.

Red Flags

Is the company easy to contact?  They should provide their visitors and customers with all of the following:

A working phone number.  It is best if the phone is answered by a live person.  If it is answered by a machine you should leave them YOUR phone number and ask that they return your call as soon as possible.  If you do not receive a return call within 24 business hours it is then a RED FLAG.  Do you want to send your phone to a shop that is not likely to promptly return your calls?

An easy to find working email addressTest it.  Send a "test" email with a question about your phone and allow 24 business hours for a reply.  Online forms are not good enough as a replacement for actual emails.  Many businesses want to be as anonymous as possible and use forms as a way to do this.  Don't get me wrong, forms can be very useful, but not for initial contacts. 

Do they provide an easy to find Customer Service or Complaint Form?  If any business is sincere about providing good service it will always provide a very visible form or email address for customers to report problems that they are having. Complaints and comments about a company should be invited, not simply allowed or tolerated.

What is their actual physical address?  Where are they? Does their phone number match their physical address.  Another RED FLAG is if their address is nothing more than a P.O. Box.  You should wonder why they are hiding behind a P.O. Box.  They won't get my business.  Will you send your phone to a company that wants to be anonymous?

Authorized Cell Phone Repair Center? Is this what they advertise? Really? Who is the "authority" doing the authorizing?  Is it authorized by the various manufacturers of cellular phones?  Are they trained specifically by the manufacturers?  Yes?  Exactly which ones and can you see the certificates of training and authorization?  Are they just authorized by the parent company of which they are a paid franchisee?  Be alert, keep your eyes on your wallet.

Businesses that are honest, ethical, and sincere always want to prosper.  They realize that genuine success for the long term must include honest communications with their customers. 

Promises must be kept, just the same as the owners want others to keep their promises with them.  This is actually "The Golden Rule".  It means to treat others as you want to be treated.  Good businesses will live up to this, but scam and rip off businesses will not.   Ethical and honest businesses do not seek anonymity.  Looking for and following the red flags described above will keep you and your wallet much safer. 

Don't be in such a hurry to get the product or service that you want that you are careless and ignore the signs of a probable scam.  Scammers never announce that they will cheat you.  You really should recognize the red flags in advance. Recognize and understand what you see when you are looking the Cell PHone Repair websites.


   Are you pleased with the quality of the work and services provided by your cell phone repair company?  Yes?   OK, then tell them so!  Let them know how happy you are.  It will help encourage them to do more of the same. 


   Are you unhappy with the quality of the work and services they provided?  No?  OK, then complain to them.  Honest and reputable businesses will always do their best to resolve the problem quickly.  Sadly, there are cell phone repair companies that are not honest, ethical or reputable.  It is a wonder how so many of them manage to stay in business year after year.

What do we mean by "WatchDog?"

The term "WatchDog," can have any of many different meanings.  It could be a guard dog, or a protective software program designed to protect other programs or computer hardware.  Here, WatchDog refers to us in our role of providing a free public service of receiving and working to resolve complaints against those cell phone repair shops that have not lived up to their advertising and promises. 

It's a shame that the scoundrels in any business, on or off the web, are able to get away with their rip offs, lies and scams as much as they seem to.  We patronize "scoundrel sites" with the best of intentions and full faith and confidence that we will not be cheated.  We patronize them simply because we don't know any better. Sadly, very sadly, we have not done our homework; not learned how to recognize the probability that we are about to deal with a dirty rotten scoundrel.

WatchDog Fights & Bites!

 This site was created to provide a "Watchdog" service to educate the cell phone repair public and to motivate cell phone repair shops to operate fairly, honestly, and ethically.  Our assignment is to redirect as many potential customers from "scoundrel" cellular phone repair shops to those that follow the "Golden Rule."   

Protest or grievance are just additional words meaning "to complain."  In the context of cell phone repairs they refer to complaining about the quality of the repair work and personal services by the cell phone repair companies. When the repair work and services are not acceptable it really is time to complain.  All business categories and professions are owned, controlled and operated by all different types of people with differing levels of skill, education, knowledge, honesty, courtesy .... old fashioned good manners.  The cell phone repair industry is no different in these regards.

 More WatchDog Fights & Bites!

Our purpose is to watch over the cell phone repair industry. We do this by publishing complaint reports filed byactual customers of any cell phone repair store. The popularity and traffic of our web site has been increasing steadily since 2004. More and more people are learning how to recognize which cell phonerepairshops are "safer" than the others.

Visitors are learning how to recognize which cell phone repair stores should be avoided.  This is how the "WatchDog Fights", helping the public to avoid misbehaving cell phone repair businesses is how the "WatchDog Bites". 

The Watchdog complaint service, and other similar resources, enable and empower us all to protest and express our grievances by filing complaints that are published online, publicly, for all to see on the complaints page at CPRWtm.  It will remain there until the repair shop or the customer provide statements that the complaint or complaints have been resolved. Note: When a shop declares that the complaint has been resolved we contact the customer to confirm that this is true.  If the customer confirms the problem is resolved we quickly remove the published complaint from the site.  We attempt to contact the customer 3 different times.  If there is no response after 3 attempts we give the benefit of the doubt to the repair shop and remove the complaint within 48 hours of the 3rd attempt to reach the customer.

Here is the link to: File A Complaint, and here you can see unresolved reports currently published here on our site: Complaints

Dishonest People

   Some service problems are simply caused by incompetence, not all auto mechanics or cell phone repair technicians really know how to do their jobs.   Many problems are caused by the deliberate dishonesty of the store owners working to cheat their customers. We all know such people.  They make me nervous. 

   When dishonest people go into business they always bring their dishonest habits and tendencies with them.  It's probably a form of mental illness, we should avoid doing business with them as best as we can.  This "Watchdog" web site has been created to help you avoid scams and rip offs and find cell phone repair businesses that are reliable and can be trusted.

Warning To Scammers, Con Men, and Rip-off Artists

    This is your wake-up-call.  In your minds and hearts you perceive your customers as willing victims, stooges, jerks, idiots, to be cheated, scammed and ripped off.  The online published unresolved complaints and reports written by your steady stream of unhappy customers will be your financial undoing. 

     The only reputation worth having is a GOOD reputation.  Too many unresolved complaints will cost you a fortune in business.  Potential new customers will hear of your rotten reputation and will avoid your store.  It may not be too late for you to join the "good guys"; provide your customers with great cell phone repairs and excellent, responsive, and personalized customer services.  Laugh at this all you want, snicker if you have the urge, but many of your own unhappy customers will testify against you in the "..court of public opinion."


   Before you bring your cell phone into a cell phone repair center or ship it to a repair center anywhere you should do all of the following:

Check Business Reputations

Contact the Better Business Bureau in the home area of the repair shop, ask about unresolved complaints.  Spend a minute checking with the BBB services on the internet.

Check for complaints with the Office Of The Attorney General in the state where the store is located.

Go to Google and search for phrases like this: "complaints about domainname.com"  where "domainname.com" is the domain name of the repair shop that you are considering.  If the store does not have a web site just use the store name and provide the name of the city as well.

Expand your Google search to include the following words in your search phrases: scam, rip-off, complaint, and don't forget the name of the store or the store's web domain.

Use some or all of the complaint links on our link resources page.

Check our complaint files.

Be Fair and Reasonable

Be Fair.  All service business will have at least a small percentage of unhappy, disgruntled customers.  Not all auto repairs turn out happily for the customer.  The same is true for computer repairs, TV repairs, watch repairs and, of course, cell phone repairs.

The Cell Phone Repair Industry Is Here To Stay
Cell Phone Repairs / Automobile Repairs 

The automobile repair industry grew rapidly in proportion to the number of cars being manufactured.   The growth rate of cell phones and cell phone usage is doing likewise only more powerfully.  In this day and age mostly everything happens faster.  The explosive growth of cell phones, ownership and usage has created a powerful demand for cell phone repair services throughout the civilized world.  A cell phone is a gadget.  People are tough on gadgets, they break them. Broken gadgets need to be repaired or replaced.  Am I making sense here?

Demand is VERY high, but the supply of trained, experienced, and competent and highly skilled repair centers is still tiny and not growing fast enough to meet the demand.  TV, Computers, and many other new technologies gave rise to whole new industries needed to service, repair, and maintain them in good operating condition. This is exactly what is happening now in the Cell Phone Repair industry.

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